It Consulting Services:


John Wandling began consulting  in 2007,  continuing his 45-year career supporting users, developing applications, and managing projects and programs in the computer and information technology  industry.

Prior to founding his private consultancy, John served as the Senior IT Project Manager and interim  Director of  Information Technology for the City of Hampton, VA.  He managed IT support operations, applications software implementation and maintenance, and designed and implemented a variety  of enterprise support solutions.

Prior to joining the City,  John ran large software development  and system integration projects for Unisys Corporation. For more than twenty  years,  John managed projects supporting applications as diverse as real time command and control to back office financial functions, and ranging in cost from  under $1M to over $20M dollars. John developed a reputation for being able to cure troubled projects and was a consistent leader in bringing projects in on  time and within budget.

John also served 15 years with the Mitre Corporation, as a  consultant to the US Armed Forces, and managed Mitre facilities at Langley Air  Force Base,  Norfolk Naval Base, and Fort Monmouth.

Prior to joining Mitre, John worked his way up in the IT industry, starting out operating computers and supporting end-users, and advancing through various levels of responsible positions.  Throughout his career, John has always maintained the user focus and problem-solving orientation gained as he advanced in his career.  Early employers included the George Washington University, System Development Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Tech/Ops, Incorporated.

John has been certified by the Project Management Institute and appointed Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Tidewater Community College.

John earned an MS in Computer Science at Old Dominion  University and a BS in Information Systems at George Washington University. 

Clients include:  IDEAMATICS, DPS Consulting, Results Software, University Learning Institute and the City of Hampton,Va..

John specializes in supporting enterprise applications and end users, jump starting new projects, and curing troubled projects.

 If you wish to discuss your IT project with John please contact him at or call 757 615 7979.

John is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and is a certified American Sailing Association instructor.  He also publishes Jacobs Diary.