John Wandling (Coach John).  Coach John has been sailing and racing sailboats for over 50 years.  He has coached and taught adults and young sailors and is dedicated to getting more young people into sailing.  This is Coach John’s first year at Walsingham Academy, and he is looking forward to a productive, happy year. 


Ronan Donovan (Captain).  Grade 12.  Ronan joined Walsingham sailing last year, and has quickly gotten into skippering in races.  Ronan is a popular team leader, a good competitor, and is always willing to help less experienced sailors.


K.A. Hamner (Co-Captain). Grade 9.  KA Returns to the team this year as one of the youngest co-captains in the league.  She is a skilled skipper with lots of skill and a competetive spirit.


Cameron Pellei Grade 10.  Cameron returns to the team after a great season last year.


Ian Howard Grade 8.  Ian also returning after developing good skills at crew last year.


Jamie Papazis.  Grade 11.  Jamie returns to the team from developing good crewing skills last year. 


Jack Plifka. Grade 9.  Jack has some big boat experience but is new to dinghy sailing.  Jack sailed lasers at Claytor Lake over the summer.  His favorite sailing memories include day sailing with his Grandpa on his big boat.


Joshua Morris.  Grade 9.  Josh is back for another year of building sailing skills after making a strong contribution to the crew last year.


Riley Kelley. Grade 11.  Riley is new to the team this year and is already showing good sailing skills.  She has experience single-handing small boats and is quickly learning to handle crewed sailboats.


Maddy O’Connell.  Grade 11.  Maddy is new to sailing but carries on a family tradition of sailors.  Maddy is an advanced SCUBA diver and loves to spend time in or on the water.


Michael Laccheo.  Grade 8.  Michael started sailing with his grandparents on a 42 foot Cabo Rico when he was 5, but he didn't really start knowing what he was doing until he joined the Walsingham sailing team in 6th grade.


Sidney Woloszynowski. Grade 11.  Sidney is new to sailing this year but she is enjoying being on the water and building her skills as a sailor.